Frequently Asked Questions

What is shop2support?

shop2support is a shopping network where shoppers earn “CASH BACK” for the non-profit they support with every item purchased.

What does shop2support do?

shop2support generates donations for Non-Profits of all types and sizes:

  • Charities
  • Religious Organizations
  • Social groups
  • Foundations
  • Youth groups
How does shop2support raise donations?

All the products on shop2support have a “CASH BACK” amount, typically 10% or more of the products value. When shoppers purchase products on shop2support the “CASH BACK” transferred directly to the non-profit they support.

What are Enrollment Tools

We provide non-profits with the tools they need to get their supporters shopping on shop2support and raising donations for their non-profit.

  • Registration link to share with supporters
  • Shareable content (videos, pictures)
  • Printable registration pamphlets
How much money can shop2support help you raise?

The size of your supporter base will determine how much donations can be raised. shop2support is designed to generate large donations for all types of non-profits. However, even small groups with under 30 supporters can raise big donations with shop2support.

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